MiFID II and MiFIR will guarantee more pleasant, more secure and more productive markets and encourage more noteworthy straightforwardness for all members. MiFID II and MiFIR enabled ESEC to create various draft administrative specialized guidelines (RTS) and draft executing specialized benchmarks (ITS) and ESEC conveyed three sets of specialized standards:

  • on 29 June 2015 (Last Report);
  • on 28 September 2015 (Last Report, Specialized Guidelines and CBA);
  • on 11 December 2015 (Last Report, Actualizing Specialized Benchmarks and CBA).

The Commission received the specialized measures within the course of 2016 and 2017.

The rules contained in these draft specialized benchmarks, will bring the lion’s share of non-equity items into a strong administrative administration and move a critical portion of OTC exchanging onto controlled platforms.


  • tests to decide whether a non-financial firm’s theoretical speculation exercises are so incredible that it ought to be subject to MiFID II;
  • ranges for the modern EU-wide product subordinates position limits regime;
  • rules administering high-frequency-trading, forcing a strict set of hierarchical prerequisites on speculation firms and exchanging venues;
  • provisions directing the non-discriminatory get to to central counterparties (CCPs), exchanging scenes and benchmarks, planned to extend competition;
  • provisions requiring exchanging settings to offer disaggregated information on a sensible commercial basis.


  • thresholds for the pre-trade and post-trade straightforwardness administrations expanded to equity-like rebellious, bonds, subordinates, organized fund items and outflow allowances;
  • a newly-introduced liquidity evaluation for non-equity instruments;
  • a newly-introduced exchanging commitment for offers and certain subsidiaries to be exchanged as it were on controlled stages and, within the case of shares, orderly internalisers, rather than over-the-counter;
  • a twofold volume cap component to restrain dim exchanging and reshape the utilize of waivers for offers and equity-like instruments;
  • newly-introduced announcing necessities for product derivatives.


  • improved divulgence to fortify the most excellent execution regime.

ESEC has as of now embraced and proceeds to work on receiving, where vital, Level 3 measures (Rules, Q&As, conclusions etc) to supply direction to the diverse partners and guarantee steady usage over the Union.