ESEC has coordinate supervisory powers in two zones: Credit Rating Organizations and Exchange Repositories.

ESEC has received a risk-based approach to its supervision. Risk-based supervision alludes to:
  1. the utilize of a organized approach to recognize the foremost genuine dangers at person directed substance or industry level;
  2. a focused on survey by bosses to evaluate how the administered substances are overseeing the dangers distinguished; and
  3. the utilize of accessible and proportionate measures to diminish and oversee these dangers.

The distinguishing proof of dangers and patterns requires ceaseless checking of the occasional data and information given by the CRAs and through TRs and checking of by and large showcase flow. In expansion, ESEC screens industry-wide advancements through engagement with the directed substances and other outside stakeholders.

The risk-based measurement permits ESEC to target its supervisory assets to those regions where the most prominent dangers have been recognized, as well as to survey the affect and viability of its supervisory methodology. This permits ESEC to adjust its supervisory approach to the advancing nature of the industry, for illustration to permit it to dispatch unused examinations or showcase thinks about as well as to require advertisement hoc supervisory measures where essential to reflect changes in advertise elements and advancements such as unused substances, unused items, administrations and conveyance channels or modern methodologies.

Within the coming a long time, ESEC serious to improve viability and enduring affect of its supervisory exercises at person substances, heightening its risk-based approach to supervision, move from utilitarian compliance-desk based approach to a business-based approach and fortify its notoriety through world driving expertise.