How we authorise

Discover out how we approve firms and people, acting as the portal for firms and people who need to function within the monetary market. It is imperative that firms and individuals advertising money related administrations run their businesses within the best interface of buyers and maintain the astuteness of the monetary administrations industry. We are capable for approving, overseeing and taking activity where required against firms and people who attempt monetary administrations activities. Firms advertising these ‘regulated activities’ got to be approved or enlisted by us, unless they are particularly exempt.

Meeting our requirements

Candidates ought to meet a range of requirements for enlistment some time recently we permit them to function within the advertise. We survey their commerce plans, dangers, budgets, assets, frameworks, controls and whether key staff have the necessary qualifications, involvement and capacity to carry out their parts viably. They must meet these prerequisites some time recently we are going approve or enroll them.