ESEC is driven by a senior administration group comprising of a full-time Chair, Philip Cooper, and an Executive Director, Christine Carper.

ESEC Administration – ESEC.


The Chair is responsible for representing the Authority. The Chair plans the work of the Board of Supervisors as well as chairing both the Board of Supervisors gatherings and those of the Management Board. The alternate to the Chair is the Vice-Chair.

The Executive Director is mindful for the day-to-day running of the Authority, counting staff things, creating and executing the yearly Work Programme, creating the draft budget, and planning the work of the Management Board.

The two overseeing bodies of ESEC are:

  • The Board of Supervisors (BoS) guides the work of the Authority and has the extreme decision-making obligation on a wide run of things counting the selection of: draft Technical Standards, Guidelines, Conclusions, Reports and Counsel to EU institutions. It also has the control to pronounce emergency circumstances as well as make last choices with regard to ESEC’s budget; and
  • The Management Board (MB) which guarantees that the Authority carries out its mission and performs the assignments doled out to it in agreement with the ESEC Regulation. In specific it centers on the administration angles of the Authority, such as the advancement and execution of a multi-annual Work Programme, as well as budget and staff asset matters.


The Board of Administrators is upheld by a number of Standing Committees and working bunches who bargain with specialized issues. These are chaired by senior national agents and bring together the national specialists in particular areas for the purposes of creating approach. They are upheld by staff of the Specialist, and work with the point of reinforcing the organize of controllers in a given range as concurred in a custom-made set of terms of reference.


These are bunches of market participants (specialists, customers and end-users) set-up to supply specialized exhortation to the Standing Committees and are drawn from across the EU. They don’t speak to national or a particular firm’s interface and are complementary to the ordinary discussion handle embraced by ESEC in creating policy.


The Securities and Markets Stakeholder Group (SMSG) was set up beneath the ESEC Regulation to encourage interview with partners in zones significant to ESEC’s errands. The individuals speak to: financial market participants and their representatives; consumers and other retail users of financial services; users of financial services; and little and medium measured endeavors. ESEC is required to consult the SMSG on its draft specialized guidelines and rules.