Dos and Don’ts Planning to contribute?

If it’s not too much trouble consider these tips:

• Make sure the firm you are dealing with is authorised to provide investment services by an EU regulator;
• Shop around to make sure you are getting the best value and the most suitable products for your needs;
• Spread your investments to reduce risk;
• Bear in mind that past performance is no guarantee of future returns; Watch for inconsistencies between what is said by your advisor and what is written in the documentation provided;
• Make sure you read all documents carefully;
• Find out what charges you may have to pay, and check if there are charges to change the investment or for withdrawing your money early;
• Check what happens to your investment if you were to die;
• Ask to whom the fees and charges are paid and in return for what;
• Remember that you may have to pay taxes on any profits you make;
• Make sure that you understand what you are signing;
• Ask whether the firm has arrangements in place to obtain credit or refunds of any foreign taxes if relevant;
• Keep all your documents in a safe place and ensure that your next of kin know where they can be found in an emergency;
• Check your statements to make sure transactions are correct. Make sure you receive an annual statement;
• Complain if you are not happy with the service you receive.
• Buy or invest in anything you do not understand or seems too good to be true;
• Rush into a hasty decision when buying an investment;
• Be pressurised by firms cold-calling to sell you an investment by phone, face to face or by email;
• Buy products or services from firms which put the contractual terms in small print which is difficult to read;
• Commit to a long-term investment if you think you will need early access to your money;
• Make investment decisions based only on the advice of a friend or family member;
• Delay if you believe there is a mistake on your statement. Call your investment firm immediately;
• Throw out old statements and receipts with your household rubbish. In order to avoid identity theft, shred or burn them.


Be careful of phone calls or emails utilizing hard-sell strategies endeavoring to offer you an venture or provide you budgetary counsel. These ordinarily come from unlicensed associations, regularly alluded to as evaporator rooms. These firms are not approved to supply venture administrations. On the off chance that you invest with a firm that’s not enlisted, you run the chance of managing with a fraudster, and may lose all your money. Therefore, it is basic to check in case a firm is controlled some time recently investing.