ESEC is an autonomous EU Specialist that
contributes to defending the soundness
of the European Union's monetary
framework by upgrading the assurance
of speculators and advancing steady
and deliberate money related markets.




Assessing dangers to speculators,
markets and budgetary stability;

Completing a single rulebook
for EU money related markets;

Promoting supervisory convergence;

Directly administering particular
budgetary entities.


As a common rule, ESEC as it were forms individual information for the execution of assignments carried out within the open intrigued on the premise of the Settlement on the Working of the European Union, on the premise of the relevant enactment or within the authentic work out of official specialist vested in ESEC or in a third party to whom the information are disclosed.


An e-service on this site may be a benefit or asset made accessible on the web in arrange to progress the communication between citizens and businesses on the one hand and ESEC on the other hand. There are three sorts of e-services are or may be advertised by the ESEC.

ESEC’s senior management team, comprised of its full-time Chair, Philip Cooper, and Executive Director, Christine Carper,
is responsible for leading.

Our team

Philip Cooper

Christine Carper

Rebeca Ansar

MiFID II and MiFIR will guarantee more pleasant, more secure and more productive markets and encourage more noteworthy straightforwardness for all members.

- European Securites Exchange Commission


All firms must be able to appear reliably that reasonable treatment of clients is at the heart of their trade model. Above all, clients anticipate budgetary administrations and items that meet their needs from firms they trust.

Firms are dependable for making beyond any doubt clients are treated decently. Our standards (PRIN) incorporate express and verifiable direction on the reasonable treatment of clients. Guideline 6 says: ‘A firm must pay due respect to the interface of its clients and treat them fairly’, but other standards too apply to this zone of trade behaviour. These standards apply indeed for firms that don't have coordinate contact with retail clients. Dangers and destitute conduct can be carried from discount to retail markets. Sole counsels have the same duty as bigger firms to illustrate the reasonable treatment of clients. This duty cannot be assigned absent but it ought to be proportionate and significant to the measure of your firm.

Firms that need authorisation

Here you'll be able check whether you’re the sort of firm that must be approved by us and, in the event that you're , what to do next.

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Cryptoassets: our work

We are carrying out work on cryptoassets to guarantee that buyers are ensured,
showcase astuteness is maintained, which competition works within the intrigued of buyers.

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Risk Analysis

Risk distinguishing proof and checking is based on ESEC subjective and quantitative hazard measurements, showcase insights, interaction with the Monetary Development Standing Committee (FISC), its Consultative Working Bunch, and the ESEC Money related Development Scoreboard.

ESEC monitors and evaluates such improvements within the zone of its competence and, where vital, educates the European Parliament, the Chamber, the Commission, the other European Supervisory Specialists and the ESRB on a customary and, as essential, on an advertisement hoc premise.

Innovation & Products

ESEC screens monetary exercises and retail financial specialist patterns, with a specific center on monetary development counting Fintech and crypto-assets. It distinguishes issues associated to such exercises.

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Statistical reports

ESEC's hazard evaluation draws on information and measurements sourced and overseen through an coordinates approach, guaranteeing tall quality, proficient administration and successful utilize.

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Complaints data


Consumer credit complaints data

The total information don't incorporate complaints against firms that are as it were approved to carry out customer credit related exercises. Usually since not all firms have submitted the information to us yet following their authorisation prepare and, as a result, we don't however have a full set of information.
Being straightforward around the number of complaints that firms get is supportive for the industry and shoppers. Firms can compare their execution with their peers and customers have an extra source of data approximately the firms we regulate.

We distribute two diverse sorts of information each six months: firm particular information for person firms and total (or add up to) figures for the industry.



Firm specific complaints data.

This incorporates information from person firms that have detailed 500 or more complaints in a six month period, or 1,000 or more in a year (roughly 290 firms). These complaints account for around 98% of all complaints that firms report to us.


August 3, 2020


As the single administrator for Credit Rating Organizations and Exchange Stores within the EU, ESEC has duties and powers to bargain with conceivable encroachments.
August 3, 2020


In case of contradiction between/among National Competent Specialists (NCAs) in cross-border circumstances, ESEC may help within the settlement of their dispute.
April 24, 2020


The Benchmarks Control presents an administration for benchmark chairmen that guarantees the precision and keenness of benchmarks.


ESEC can issue Q&As to competent specialists or budgetary showcase members in arrange to construct a common supervisory culture and reliable supervisory hones, as well as guarantee uniform strategies and reliable approaches all through the Union.

We enlist over all money related markets areas: venture administration, market infrastructure, financial matters, corporate fund and detailing, etc. and hunt for tall quality experts with exhaustive information in their field.